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What make housewives (or househusbands) less of a job than 9 to 5 office work? In fact, being a full-time stay at home parents is a 24h duty...


[Reblog] The “Raped” Angel..!!

After a long time, this one remains one of my favourite poems!
Thank ya’ll for showing so much love to this one. You’re feedbacks are highly appreciated!
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Hues Of Maple🍁

Hello everyone! Today’s poem is a special one for me because, it’s been dedicate to all the Rape Victimized Girls, all around the world! And I hereby take charge to raise my voice through this post. Also, Since I’ve been trying to do poetry also since last few months, hope you all will like it….

“She Was running along with the empty roads,
Trying to dissolve in the dark and hide herself!

Footsteps approaching closer to her fastly, chasing her,

And hold! She sees a shadowy figure coming towards, but still far away!

She tried to scream, but the footsteps have managed to reach to her and the hands of the devil,

Caught her and made her quiet forcefully!


And that shadowy figure, keeps on coming closer and closer, step by step, and finally passing by her,

It saw her pain, it heard her screams, but moved on…

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Learning To Love!

Even little pebbles can crack a window.. Spirits and souls spawned Running through the Meadows.. Hearts crack open like little nuts.. Cries echo none like any other noise Soul screaming in pain... Can you hear it's voice?.. Little too dim.. Little too dark... Heart keeps sinking.. In the sea of sharks.. Of sadness of grief..... Continue Reading →

“Chaahat Teri..!!”

"Raaz ek raat ke sirf chand janta hai.. Ek taara jhilmilta Wo baat janta hai... Tujhse raushan meri deewangi wo bat kehti hai.. Jo tere mere pyaar ka guroor janta hai... Khusnaseeb Wo hawayei h Jo Teri sansei ban jati hai... Jee uth'ta hoga wo dard bhi marham jiska tu hai... Chahat kahu ya zid... Continue Reading →

[Guest Post] It’s Not Me!

Howdy bloggers, here's a poem that was provided to us by Sara Khan. She contacted me at my Facebook page: @huesofmaple, a community which provides writers of all genres to share, discuss and guest post on our blog site..!! Now let's have a look on the post.... "First it was forever and always now how long will... Continue Reading →

Inviting Authors & Writers of all Genres..!!

We, the team of Authors invite you to grab an opportunity which will allow you to express your emotions and heart through writing on our Blog..”TOTALLY FREE”! “Hues Of Maple” is a writers based community which gives authors to publish their work on our Blog site in front of International Audience! With you joining us,... Continue Reading →

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