Inviting Authors & Writers of all Genres..!!

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We, the team of Authors invite you to grab an opportunity which will allow you to express your emotions and heart through writing on our Blog..”TOTALLY FREE”! “Hues Of Maple” is a writers based community which gives authors to publish their work on our Blog site in front of International Audience! With you joining us, There’ll no boundation on…..
  1. Your Writing Skills (no need of very long posts only…..the motto is the effectiveness not lengthy speeches!)
  2. The Language you Write In (we’ve got you covered in all corners of the globe, in all language translation available!)
  3. Whatever you write (no specified category to write in….from articles to motivational words, daily quotes to critics & reviews on anything and everything!)
  4. The reach of your Audience (with international readers from over 52+ countries… the communities is growing day by day making a social and emotional change among the people)
  5. The support and feedbacks you always needed as a Startup Writer (get compliments and suggestions + feedbacks from experienced writers from the team as well as from the people all around the world!)
So… “What are you thinking of now?” Contact us now for being a part of the wonderful journey into our growing community.
Contact us now here in the comments or at Facebook ( )



Hope you loved the post and would love to follow “Hues Of Maple!” for sure..!! KEEP SUPPORTING….

Regards… “Kumar Shresth”


35 thoughts on “Inviting Authors & Writers of all Genres..!!

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            1. Oh I wish you were. It would have made it easier for you to connect with the other 12 authors in the community..
              But no worries…. I’ll stay connected with you on insta😄😄
              Please accept my blog’s authorship invitation 😊😊

              Liked by 1 person

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