[Guest Post] It’s Not Me!

Howdy bloggers, here’s a poem that was provided to us by Sara Khan. She contacted me at my Facebook page: @huesofmaple, a community which provides writers of all genres to share, discuss and guest post on our blog site..!! Now let’s have a look on the post….

It's Not Me

“First it was forever and always

now how long will it last

first it was love

now who gets bored first

betrayal of love has made me so fragile

that I can just break any moment

just holding on to the rope of life

just breathing barely living

looking at the mirror is that me ?

look what have you made me

a scar has been left in the bones and flesh

the mistakes I do now

the way I think now

it’s not me

but whom to blame when I let you in to mingle with my mind and soul

I should have closed  the doors and windows so you would not get a chance to steal whats not yours”


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