Learning To Love!


Even little pebbles can crack a window..
Spirits and souls spawned
Running through the Meadows..
Hearts crack open like little nuts..
Cries echo none like any other noise
Soul screaming in pain…
Can you hear it’s voice?..

Little too dim..
Little too dark…
Heart keeps sinking..
In the sea of sharks..
Of sadness of grief..
All this pain
and no relief..
Becoming sand from stone I am..
In the hands of the goddess of life❤️
How to love…
Learning I am….
Make mistakes, I do..
Forgive me if its your will to..

Love you till the end I’ll do…
Fight the world…
Just for you ❤️
How to love
Learning I am
Make mistakes, I do…
Forgive me if you can do..


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