[Reblog] The “Raped” Angel..!!

After a long time, this one remains one of my favourite poems!
Thank ya’ll for showing so much love to this one. You’re feedbacks are highly appreciated!
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Hues Of Maple🍁

Hello everyone! Today’s poem is a special one for me because, it’s been dedicate to all the Rape Victimized Girls, all around the world! And I hereby take charge to raise my voice through this post. Also, Since I’ve been trying to do poetry also since last few months, hope you all will like it….

“She Was running along with the empty roads,
Trying to dissolve in the dark and hide herself!

Footsteps approaching closer to her fastly, chasing her,

And hold! She sees a shadowy figure coming towards, but still far away!

She tried to scream, but the footsteps have managed to reach to her and the hands of the devil,

Caught her and made her quiet forcefully!


And that shadowy figure, keeps on coming closer and closer, step by step, and finally passing by her,

It saw her pain, it heard her screams, but moved on…

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