What’s a job?

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In a modern country like Norway people often expects the man and women to have equal (not balance) responsibility.

Whenever I tell that I’m a full-time housewife, what follows is, “So you don’t have a job?”

What? Seriously? Did I not just say what my job was?

What make housewives (or househusbands) less of a job than 9 to 5 office work? In fact, being a full-time stay at home parents is a 24h duty.

I read an article once of a man speaking to his marriage counselor.

The counselor asked: “So you think it’s unfair because you mean that you’re the only one with a job?”
The man: “I am the only one with a job.”
The counselor: “What does your wife do when you wake up in the morning?”
The man: “She makes breakfast, prepare lunchbox for me and the kids and drive them to school. Because has no job.”
The counselor: “After driving them to school she goes home and relax?”
The man: “No, she usually gets the groceries, because has no job
The counselor: “Then she relax after that?”
The man: “She cleans the cleans the house and do the chores because she has no job.”
The counselor: “And what does she do in the afternoon?”
The man: “She fetch the kids and prepare our dinner because she has no job
The counselor: “At night. Does she go to bed with all of you?”
The man: “No, she usually stay up and do the dishes, and do a bit of advance preparation for the next day, because she has no job

At this point, I stop reading the damn article because I might punch my computer out of anger. In the story, it was a woman but I’m sure it happens to men too. My uncle was criticized as a bum for being a househusband. I always defended him because god, the man do all the work in the house and raise his three kids with little assistance from his wife!

Salute to all stay-at-home mom and dads out there.


Thanks for reading! ❤

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7 thoughts on “What’s a job?

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  1. It’s my belief that if the world was perfect both husband and wife would work out of the home. It’s only because of the industrial revolution that people began to work the way the do now. Agrarian societies don’t really see this. They work the gardens together, they raise their children together and they have a stronger home life.

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  2. Hey glad to see your first post here…And i must appreciate the topic you chose to write.
    Definitely kiddos are not someone to be messed with.😅
    And controlling them, is the biggest superpower any human could ever have!😂

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    1. Happy you liked it 🙂 But rather than controlling them, I love giving them freedom and guidance. And in this case, yes, guiding them is the toughest part, because they are stubborn, adorable little monkeys who think they own the world.

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