About Team!

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The Blog is created by me, Kumar Shresth, with a view of providing an open minded platform for everyone where people can talk, discuss and express on every topic without any hesitation.

Me and my guest authors are writing together and we represent the youth….Of course,

“The people behind the pens are not always aged and boring types, it can be us, the cooler ones..Yeah!”

With ME as The Founder,

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KUMAR SHRESTH (Founder Writer)

and The Guest Authors Team with ANKIT OJHA and SHARVARI MESHRAM on board…

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ANKIT OJHA (Guest Author, Partner)
SHARVARI MESHRAM (Guest Author, First Follower)

“This blog is all about…

  • Raising questions
  • Presenting opinions 
  • Helping 
  • And understanding

As an open minded platform To Help everyone however and whenever possible.. “

And you can find me on social platforms too…

  • Instagram: @thedeepblogger
  • Facebook: @thedeepblogger



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