Inviting Authors & Writers of all Genres..!!

We, the team of Authors invite you to grab an opportunity which will allow you to express your emotions and heart through writing on our Blog..”TOTALLY FREE”! “Hues Of Maple” is a writers based community which gives authors to publish their work on our Blog site in front of International Audience! With you joining us,... Continue Reading →


[1st Blog Anniversary Special] 15th August: Unfurling The 72nd Independent Year..!!

A huge welcome to everyone reading here on my site! Yesterday was a day very special day to me. It's been one year with you all experiencing, learning, bonding and connecting together. Reading your comments is the happiness that is far behind any support that I can get in the outer world...... And to add... Continue Reading →

This & That Tag: I’m Tagged..!!

Hello and what’sup guys? I hope you all will be having a very good day/night today (why it’s “day/night”?…come on dude, we’ve got international readers here). So, Let me inform you all that I’ve been tagged/nominated for This & That Tag by superheroes009 ..!! And I’m highly thankful to him and to the creator of this tag!! When... Continue Reading →

Smiling Hearts: Moments To Be Cherished..!!

So today, as usual, I was taking an evening ride on my bike near the city square. Since I'm a die hard of Momos (An amazing Indian dish with Spicy Chutneys, go Google it fast), So I wasn't able to resist from my bike automatically driving towards the Momo's Corner.... When I was finally about... Continue Reading →

Don’t Judge: There May Be Broken Souls Under Smiling Coats..!!

Hello everyone! Since I wanted to write about on this topic from a long time, I wanted to ask you all a question...Why is it bad to judge people? According to me, it's Cause’ You only see what they choose to show you. You never knew the dark side behind their actions. You weren’t with... Continue Reading →

Friendship Goals: Covering Up The Distances..!!

Hola everyone! As the time flies we are forced many times to shift to other places which mostly leads to separation of us and our best friends from a place. But here's the most beautiful thing about friendship that it never dies, no matter how many miles it has to cover. Your long-distance best friend... Continue Reading →

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